Thursday, July 24, 2008

my diary

29 June 2008

we were departure to in-chun.
The airplane ridden for long time.
First arrive was Chicago.
There is Chicago very very big city.

18 July 2008

we ate cookie, variety Korea food, china food .
I am full.

19 July 2008

we are go to the ST. Luis
There is Big arch.
When is arrive ST. Luis weather dark.
But we are pleasure.


We went to baseball field.
we saw a baseball game.
And fireworks display.
It’s very fun!!!
We went to Sunset concert.
It was a day for dancing to folk dancing
It was never seen dancing
Chowder hard, but difficult
But! It’s fun!
We went to Budweiser factory.
Tours are really funny!
We went to spring field.
There was a material presidential.
It’s wonderful! :0
Thank you max :)

by love

Cooking Party

Cooking party
Friday. Third week

Yesterday Sarah said, “Tomorrow we have cooking party.”
We are surprised. Because we haven’t been cooking party.
Also Sarah said, “I like bul-go-gi, I love bul-go-gi.”
So we decided make a bul-go-gi.
To buy ingredients we go to the schnucks.
But we can’t buy meat for bul-go-gi.
So we decided make a chup-chae.
Today is cooking party.
After class, we come back the hall we start cook with Sarah.
Sarah said, “Where is bul-go-gi,’
We said, “Sorry we can’t find meat. But we are cooking chup-chae.”
After cooking, we eat delicious foods with Max and Sarah.
Today is very happy day.

By Hwa Sang

We went to the ‘BUDWEISER’ together. Beer is the process of being created there, we've seen. Many of mass production and had a beer. After all of this caliber drank beer. Free beer was so delicious that day was very interesting.

We are a boat ride to school together and went to the lake. My sisters and I rode like a duck boat. My brothers and sisters rode their canoe. I was driving the boat. It's rough, but was too hot.

We went to the ‘SHAWNEE HILLS WINE TRAIL’ together. The scenery is so good out there. 5 glasses of wine a dollar and from there were able to eat. It tastes good, but I did not realize was the first time wine.
Interesting and fun, too.

We went to the ‘SAINT LOUIS GALLERIA’ together. The mall was crowded with a lot of very mature very many of the shops. We are watching and shopping. The first cross-shopping strange place to really joyful.

-by Erisa-

The most memorable days.

1. The Lincoln museum to go to the theater saw Max recommend a time remains the most memorable.

2. When I went back to the ballpark. And meet 9 years old boy friends. After the game and I saw the fireworks.

3. Independence Day, when walk to the square and enjoy.

4. When cooked and ate together.

By. Tina


I want to Budweiser factory.
I saw horse.
I drink lemon-lime beer.

I went to art-gallery.
I saw picture.
I ate ice cream, Mexican food.

I went to spring-field.
I look round museum.
Museum is strange. I took many pictures.
I ate lunch sandwich.

I take a ride in boat duck, after school.
Rake is spacious, deep.
But, very exciting ^.^

By. Rim

pool garden

*Today: JULY 24, 2008
*Name: Jin - sang

[Me an instant remain in one’s memory -pool garden]

We are being invited to the party went to the place.
See in a movie house.
Inside the house swimming pool, volleyball, and so on.
Many enjoy the it
The most memory to Pool garden.
Tae hee was fall into water

Thank you for inviting to dinner^^